Applying Data Analytics in Marketing

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This course introduces students to the science of business analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. we will measure and identify satisfied customers to adjust product or service accordingly.

To measure the customer satisfaction we will measure expectations, performance and disconfirmation of the offered product or service.

What Will I Learn?

  • Get the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges they confront daily in their professional lives.
  • Identify the ideal analytic tool for their specific needs
  • Understand valid and reliable ways to collect, analyze, and visualize data
  • Utilize data in decision making for their agencies, organizations or clients.

Topics for this course

8h 30m

Marketing analytics

Predictive analytics

Impact of marketing campaign

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  • Basic marketing knowledge

Target Audience

  • Business's managers, leaders
  • Anyone who is finding a chance to get the promotion